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Benefits of working with Ling May
Reliable and Quick Turn Around

    All production is done under one roof (fabric receiving, bundling, cutting, fusing, sewing, pressing, finishing, packaging, etc.)

   We have access to a large work force, which enables us to meet demanding deadlines consistently

    Our large plant is designed to permit storage of all materials directly in our facility.

   Production from fabric receiving to packaging can be processed within a 2 week term for emergency purposes.

   International shipping can be avoided and provides local access to quality

Experience in High Quality Production and Quality Control

    Over 20 years of experience in the garment manufacturing business

     In house experts in high quality construction trained by and apprenticed with Master Tailor: Thomas K. T. Chui

   Experienced Project Leaders with broad and in depth knowledge in all aspects of garment manufacturing

     Ability to manufacture without outside supervision

Value-add Services

   We are available to package finished goods and ship them directly to your customers, which reduces your warehousing cost

   We are willing and able to adjust to new systems and to incorporate new procedures, which can improve your supply chainís efficiency

   We have access to reliable suppliers for all materials, ranging from fabrics to finishings and trimmings, which offers .

   We have successfully offered grading services to some of our customers.

High Versatility

   We have extensive experience in the production of a range of products. See our Products Section.